Journey to 1 Crore

Today we would like to narrate the story of one of our esteemed client. (Names changed for privacy purpose) Ten years back we met very humble and down to earth couple Mrs. Kavitha and Mr. Ram. Mrs. Kavitha worked as a senior engineer in Software Company and Mr. Ram is government employee. They were keen […]

Risk Profiling

How will you decide the risk factor while making an Investment decision? Following are three components of risk. Risk Tolerance = Risk you are comfortable with. Risk Capacity = Risk you can afford to take. Risk Required = Risk you are required to take to achieve your goal in given time. Drop us a line, […]

What’s in store for 2014!

Everyone is curious to know how 2014 will span for investments. Its totally wrong to predict about markets or the economy. Lets look at whats happening and gauge what will be in store for 2014. There has been a positive environment for stocks in general worldwide. Inflation pressures are generally falling(in India too onion prices […]

Tapering is just postponed

Tapering is just postponed. Just 24 hours ago, all eyes were waiting for the US Fed announcement on whether the Fed will announce the reduction in their asset purchase program which could lead to high volatility across the world financial markets. The Fed has announced that it will look at this sometime in December.While the […]

HUDCO Tax Free Bonds (Sep 2013)

Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd (HUDCO) will be issuing tax free bonds from 17th September. HUDCO is a fully owned government company which enjoys healthy finances and business model. Hence these bonds are regarded as safe. Every year select few companies are selected to issue Tax Free Bonds. The Interest rate scenario changes periodically, […]

Where are we heading now?

Let’s take a quick look at what’s happening and the outlook for the medium term: US economy is doing well. We have been saying this since early 2012. The last 4 years there has been enormous amount of credit in the system because of central banks easy monetary policies. The QE (Quantitative Easing) has pushed […]