Why do we procrastinate starting investments

Navigating finances can feel daunting, can’t it? Conversations about investing, planning for retirement, and setting financial goals often get pushed to the back burner, just like the promises we make to ourselves about starting someday. But what if we shifted our perspective? What if today became our Day One?

In community circles, I often hear honest dialogues like, “I want to meet you after I finish my loan,” or “I want to plan my finances once I have some extra money.” These statements reflect a desire for change, a yearning to take control of our financial destinies. Yet, why does action seem to linger on the horizon rather than become a present reality?

It’s more than just about money; it’s about behavior. Humans resist change, especially when it requires parting with our hard-earned funds. We may aspire to build wealth, achieve our goals, and secure our futures, but the inertia of our current habits holds us back. It’s like wanting to learn to swim without stepping into the water—we desire it, but we hesitate to dive in.

Recently, I came across an article titled ‘Change or Die.’ It highlighted how drastic circumstances can propel us to transform our lives. When faced with the threat of severe health issues, we’re often willing to make significant changes to our routines and diets to preserve our well-being. So why do we hesitate to take the plunge fully regarding investing?

Perhaps it’s because change, any change, is hard. We start diets, join gyms, and make resolutions, only to find ourselves slipping back into old patterns. But here’s the thing: change becomes more manageable with the right support and guidance. Just as having a workout buddy keeps us accountable at the gym, having a financial mentor can help us stay on track with our money goals. In fact, with our process and philosophy, we help you navigate this change, As we know how to bring change. Here is our previous blog on How to help bring change. https://ggindia.com/book-review/switch-how-to-change-things-when-change-is-hard-by-chip-and-dan-heath/

So, let’s make today our Day One. Let’s commit to understanding ourselves and our financial needs, not waiting for the perfect moment but creating it. It’s not about having a surplus of money to invest; it’s about taking that first step towards a brighter financial future, no matter how small.

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are.” Let’s embrace change and support, and together, let’s rewrite our financial narratives. It’s not about where we are; it’s about where we’re headed. And today, right now, is the perfect time to start.

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