It is a truth widely accepted that most results come at the end of action or a series of actions, not the beginning.

Thomas Phelps, one of the great investment gurus of our times, said, “To make money in stocks, you need to have vision to see them, the courage to buy them, and patience to hold them. Patience is the rarest of the three.”

Starting a company, embarking on a weight loss program, learning a new skill, nurturing a relationship, and the like, they all take time to deliver results. So does investing your money.

Money needs time to stabilize and reap benefits for you.

Much in the manner that we are encouraged to mentally prepare ourselves to invest in the long term payback of a healthy diet, and education, or even a marathon run, equity investments, too, need time to ripen and deliver fruits that are sweet and satisfying. Lots of small, concerted, and regular acts of sensible behaviour provide a handsome payout in the long run. This is a proven fact in many walks of life – including equity investing.

Everything worthwhile will bestow rewards, but only if you don’t give up when you don’t see instant results.

We live in an age where the demand for instant gratification is dangerously high. We must guard against this. The strength of our ability to delay gratification will determine the success of our life’s most important outcomes. The pandemic we’re working diligently to defeat and recover from is the most current proof of this timeless mantra.

The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. This is the single most valuable piece of advice we offer to people who obsessively check their investment portfolio. Doing so may make us anxious and pushes us to act hastily. This is deeply harmful to the long term health of investments, goals, and dreams.

Staying in the game with consistent, thoughtful actions is the most important part of working towards a big, positive result. It’s how Test matches are won. Investing is not T20 cricket.

You can go long and win big only when you partner with someone who understands your needs and knows how to help you focus on the big picture and drive you past milestone after milestone after milestone.

We are human beings. We are emotional, vulnerable, and liable to succumb to insecurity. A sound, trustworthy, and objective partner can ensure you stay on track. We helped many of our clients do this during the recent pandemic-related market shocks.

Destinations are important, respecting the process is the soundest way to reach them.

It’s the process that makes the journey enjoyable and destination achievable. In the case of investing, the journey will have its share of up and down. If your process is sound and you stick to its principles, you will reach your destinations. And beyond.

I would love to see the seeds I planted in my garden produce beautiful vegetables in the blink of an eye, but hoping for this to happen I know is foolhardy. Instead, Instead, I appreciate and live the process of nurturing and helping them grow. This is all I need to do to give myself a beautiful vegetable garden at a later date.

Patience, focus, dedication, and diligence will help you create something wonderful that is uniquely yours. A long-term view married with a sound method and consistent steps is the way to invest in bountiful results and a bright future. History is proof of this.

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