Living Your Goals

Unless I walk the path, how can I be the torch bearer. I’ve been thinking about this recently. And goals.

Goals are the guiding star when it comes to Investment Planning. I help families to define goals. The defining goal is like what you want to achieve with the money. Defining a goal – making it concrete is a process we follow to understand aspirations and anxieties.

Giving your money meaning is essential. Money is emotional, and when it gets purpose, it gets meaning too.

Typically families plans for the Child’s Education goal. This is a very crucial goal for many of us. With educational inflation rising higher than expected, it is mandatory to plan.

It’s difficult to determine how much education fund is required when they are young. We assume specific education’s current cost, choice of university, etc., and arrive at the number. It is essential to plan something as the future comes one thing at a time.

As the kid grows older, goals start becoming more apparent. We help families fine-tune goals, realign funds if required, explore fund growth opportunities, and more.

As a parent, I am on the other side of the equation. Our daughter Siddhi completed her 12th this year and went to pursue her passion in Design at the college called Central Saint Martins under University Arts London (UAL). Like every parent, we also had an Education fund carved.

I thought she could do an undergraduate in India and a PG specialization at a European Design School. I never thought it would be a chance to be in Europe, the Mecca of Design and Art, so soon.

As a mother,  joys have no bounds in her achievement to secure admission in the prestigious university. As numbers or remapping funds become more uncomplicated for us, the planning, assessing, and anxieties are the same as every other parent.

I am happy to share the example of ‘Living Your Goals’ through this blog. I genuinely believe that I am not the right person to guide if I have not lived my goals.

I should be able to live my Plan to Guide others is my principal, and I genuinely believe that unless I walk the path, how can I be the torch bearer?

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