I like to think of investments as saplings planted to bear fruit years later. It is a simple and accurate analogy for the investment journey I preach and practice.

This client story that I’m about to introduce embodies the collaborative and nurturing approach to the investment journey and destination we strive to bring to our professional relationships.

I’m a big believer of what Warren Buffett so beautifully said, “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

The evolution of a portfolio that belongs to one of our clients is shown below. It reflects what Buffett said and the work we put in over 10 years to help them build fruitful, shade-bearing investments.

Building an investment portfolio is like constructing a home. It takes time, love and planning. It takes patience. It takes understanding. It takes listening, foresight, courage…and trust.

We worked closely with the client to introduce them to fresh ideas, often emphasising the importance of long-term thinking and not losing sight of short-to-medium term opportunities. Doing so successfully, diligently, and consistently, we delivered the returns shown in the graph. 

The client – a busy, professional couple with a high disposable income – began working with us on a goal-based investment plan in 2011. Annual reviews helped us analyse, tweak, keep their needs, wins, and investment horizons on track.

The result of this planting, caring, nurturing and nourishing is a generous portfolio with a 15% annualised rate of return.

Investment Snapshot

Successful investment growth is about understanding what you want, planning on ways to get it, and staying on the path to your destination. There are no shortcuts for building wealth.

We have shared with you a brief snapshot of investing in planting together. The fruits of such a collaboration are dependable.

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