I recently attended the Cafe Mutual event at Mumbai.This is an annual
conference for independent financial advisers. We meet to exchange
knowledge and hear from the investment experts. These events helps
us to improve our client experience and increase our value proposition.
I would like to share some takeaway which can help you investors.
One speaker talked about Investing Styles and here are some for you to note:
1. Buying cheap is not value investing.
2. It is buying cheap compared to intrinsic value.
3. Contra Investing is a subset of value investing.
4. Growth Style is looking at growth. This relies highly on many
assumptions. Assumptions may turn into reality.
5. So what works in India ? In India, combination of Growth and Value
style works well.

A style may fail in the short run. But that does not mean you should redeem.
Be it any style, it goes through a cycle. Remember if you have bought a
stock of a good company, it might also go through a bad cycle. All
investing styles mean revert.
Best time to invest in any style is when it has not performed well !
Changing fund strategy after failure will always lead to miserable

We will keep sharing our notes from such events regularly.

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