Today we would like to narrate the story of one of our esteemed client. (Names changed for privacy purpose)

Ten years back we met very humble and down to earth couple Mrs. Kavitha and Mr. Ram.
Mrs. Kavitha worked as a senior engineer in Software Company and Mr. Ram is government employee. They were keen to start savings and test this savings desire through a mutual fund. The very first investment they started was of Rs.1,000 per month in five different funds. After few interactions we started understanding each other better.

In 2005 we worked out a retirement plan for them. Their target was to build up Rs. 40 lakhs corpus after 5 years with Rs. 50,000/ monthly investment with moderately conservative 11% p.a.return assumption.

We have witnessed two market cycles together. There was a tough time in 2008 when they could not take a notional loss on their portfolio. With our assurance they stayed invested and continued SIPs without disturbing and stuck to their investing discipline. On the way their understanding of the market, knowledge about investments developed with our inputs. Naturally with better information risk tolerance improved and happy to report that today their portfolio has crossed Rs. 1 Crore with pure SIPs and trusting our conviction to stay on the course whatever is the time. We have delivered 16% CAGR for the last 10 years with actual investment being only Rs. 56 odd lakhs.

This story is close to our heart as any ordinary human being can build the wealth if the process and discipline is followed.

The point we want to make here is :

  • Save for long term with a goal.
  • Put a discipline to your savings just like other disciplines you follow in your life.
  • Start Early. It helps.
  • Appreciate the power of compounding.
  • Talk to us if you are still not getting started. May be we could help you to move.


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