I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you. – Friedrich Nietzsche

We’re with the great German philosopher on this one. Especially when it comes to helping your investments gain ground. To gain ground, we first need to gain trust. And it works both ways.

To build your investments, we start by building trust in each other and believing in each other. Our suite of services is built around this way of life. In fact, our next story illustrates this beautifully. Do take a moment to read it.

Once upon a time not so far back, we met the Pagariyas (Name changed for privacy purpose). This the story of the Pagariyas’ and their portfolio’s steady and serene journey to Rs.1 crore.

Nine years back on a pleasant Bangalore afternoon, we stopped to get a refill for our trusty gel point pen at the local stationary shop. Refill done in a jiffy, as a matter of conversation, we told the shop owner (in his thirties, back then) about Gaining Ground. And gave him our business card. He took the card, while I kept the conversation rolling in Hinglish.

It was nice to see him listening carefully to our words, almost taking notes mentally. This was an intelligent and receptive man, we sensed. He had to be. The Pagariyas are typical Baniya family and devote their heart and soul to their business. They value money and what it can do for them. They don’t have the time to look at lots of investment avenues, but they are smart enough to know they are smart options and people out there. And that’s what we got from observing him listening to this gentle and thoughtful man.

We also got that the Pagariyas don’t invest in much more than very hard work and bank deposits to grow their money. And when we made them understand the benefits of equity investing and and diversification and risk management in simple terms, quickly (this being a busy man) they began to trust us. And began to do something different. They began looking at other avenues to invest. And began taking our ideas seriously.

The 9-year result of this trust is (shown below) a soaring portfolio worth Rs.1 Crore with CAGR of 13.53%. (Talk to us, and we’ll demystify it for you gladly. We are more than happy to share what we have learnt from our experiences with you and help your investments gain ground, with or without us.)

The Pagariya’s and the road to the Big 1 in 9 years at a glance.


So what have we learnt from this story?
We have learnt that when you work hard and intelligently, you will make a lot of money. But working hard and intelligently takes up a lot of time. Investing this hard-earned money you make is not child’s play. We have also learnt to help you invest your hard-earned money prudently and generate funds to finance your present and future, even during business downturns.

Slowly and surely, we helped the Pagariyas do more with their money. Undoubtedly, it’s a story we look to repeat time and again with every one of you. Make no mistake, this is not the end of the story. This is the beginning of many more such heartwarming stories that we look to share with you.

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