When a family comes to us for advice, we help them make many decisions that change their life. We would like to share some examples of these with you. Perhaps this may give you some insight if it is relevant to you.

The Young Couple
A couple in their early twenties were about to get married. Their primary goal was to invest in an apartment. Our advice to them was to wait and invest in a house later, when they are sure about the kind of home they want and after they have understood each other’s long term expectations better.

In our view, a home is a good investment when the family unit has evolved a matured a bit. When you follow stereotype of getting married, booking a flat, paying emi, feeling the need for another flat, booking it, not finding tenant for first one or not being able to sell it, etc. This is a vicious cycle that is not financially beneficial and can quickly spiral out of control.

The couple say merit in what we were saying and invested in financial asset that is not a house. This investment has provided them stable and good returns. What’s more, this has allowed them to afford a rented apartment close to their place of work, which is convenient and financially smart.

The Happy Wife
The other day one of our esteemed clients invited us for a family function at his home. There, after we sat and chatted for a while, his wife thanked us for advising her husband not to invest in another piece of land.

When we started our association, the client wanted to invest in one more plot of land. We advised against it. We felt their life was constantly changing. They didn’t need to block their money in another piece of land. Instead, we advised him to go in for a more liquid investment that offered regular and better returns. Thankfully, he took our advice. And the wife thanked us for it. It was a happy moment for all of us.

The Consolidating Client
Another case in point is that of a client we have been working with for nearly a decade. He has two flats and a piece of land. But he wasn’t satisfied with his real-estate holdings. We encouraged him to consolidate the fore mentioned holdings by selling what he didn’t like and using the funds to investment plan for something he liked. We advised so because we believe any wealth created should be satisfying. If you aren’t happy with the assets you have worked hard to create, they are not serving their purpose.

The Start-ups
10-15 years in a corporate job tires you. It drives you to start something on your own. This can be difficult, as the flow of income is irregular. We have set of clients who are on their own. The satisfaction they get when we support their ideas and guide them and family on how to manage cash flows and not to forget our belief in clients dream, gives them confidence and assurance.

These are few examples of the different categories of clients we work with, advice, and help to make life-changing moves. As financial advisors, we try to help our clients steer clear of stereotypes, understand what their heart truly desires, and move them towards taking steps that will change their life for the better.


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