Property is so powerful that it sucks all the money that one has.

relocate home

relocate home

Desire to own more real estate than required is a sure recipe to invite financial stress at the cost of pedaling all other aspirations. You climb the uphill mountain with the big baggage of mortgage.

You stop all on going investments to service this baggage; you pull out funds which are easily visible from all possible sources to fund this asset which doesn’t give you any momentary happiness but just a tag of ownership. Of course over the time it has given appreciation for someone who waited without looking at the calendar.
Was it really easy to find right property title, location, and builder?

Answer is a simple ‘NO’. Still you ran that extra mile and made enough effort. Have you ever put that much effort in creating financial asset?

Was it easier to sell the extra property you have when you need funds?

If you try you will know the difficulty of selling property, getting right price and buyer when you need it.
If you compare with financial asset, it is much much easier to create a financial asset, good to see it grow and is quite handy whenever you need it.

Owning a property gives you emotional satisfaction not real happiness! Greed to own more real asset leads to financial mess!

You should ask yourself a question -Is it really required to create that second or that third property?

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