Both can co-exist – A successful working woman and a doting mother… it’s all about being there for everyone and having the strength to make timely sacrifices, even compromises, in order to make everything perfect and keep everyone happy.

I have noticed that most of my well educated female friends who were also doing very well professionally have chosen not to pursue their career and become full time homemakers post child birth. Even though there is a financial loss they hold back due to lack of confidence and fear of the unknown.

  It is very important to recognize the barriers and encounter it.

Only then you can find a way to succeed and be financially independent.

I am pleased and consider myself fortunate that I am also an exception to this. I had taken a bold step by not taking a sabbatical after my second delivery, apart from my extended maternity leave.

It was not at all a comfortable move, when my little one not even a year old. I was exhausted between managing work and kids. My spouse was my greatest strength. He stood by me. He ensured that I could continue in my pursuit to happiness. I also had a strong support system in place.

Bringing up our children perfectly, while also nurturing and nourishing our career is equally important, I believe. We are responsible for how the future shapes up for all of us .While both family and work can bring in umpteen joys, they also can be the cause of frustration. This is because living up to expectations in both these roles is a difficult task.

I don’t believe that a mother should sacrifice her career to bring up her children well. A hardworking and organized mother sets an example for her children to follow. With correct planning, determination, and dedication is quite possible to strike a perfect work-life balance.

When you strive to do this, your children and family too will hopefully imbibe these values and grow up to be responsible and successful, which is what all of us deeply desires from life.

This guest blog is written by our esteemed client Krithy Aiyamma. Krithy is compassionate, well organised and doting mother of two loving boys. She is working as Regional Operational Manager with Reliance Asset Management Company. We are grateful to be associated with her.

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