Gaining Ground

Our 5 Step investment process

Sit down with you and identify your current financial position and goals.

Carefully outline details to arrive at Investment Plan

Discuss and make you understand the plan

Develop your action plan

Show you how do we manage your investment  plan into the future

Financial Planning Made Easy For You

If you could read the future, would you be interested? if you could tell what you will need on the road ahead, would you be interested? If you could make plans for anything, would you be interested? You would, no? And that’s why you should be interested in Financial Planning for life.

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5 things to remember from ‘A Wealth of Common Sense’ by Ben Carlson

Way back in primary school is when I first came upon the phrase, ‘Common sense is not common in people.’ Admittedly, it sounds a little trite any time it’s thrown down in a conversation between grown-ups, but, make no mistake, there does exist an undeniable grain of truth in it. It is this grain of […]

How to do Long Term

“Nothing will ever separate us. We will probably be married another ten years.” –Elizabeth Taylor, five days before filing for divorce Long-term thinking is easier to believe in than accomplish. Most people know it’s the right strategy in investing, careers, relationships – anything that compounds. But saying “I’m in it for the long r

Am I a good stock picker? You be the judge.

You are busy. Equity markets are volatile. The stock market feels like a no-fly zone. Yet when markets rise and fall, you see friends making money by picking stocks. And so, because you think it must be easy, you try and do the same. What is more, several fintech platforms now make taking the plunge […]

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