Your Gaining Ground.

Our Story

Welcome to Gaining Ground Investment Services Pvt. Limited – founded by Ravi Kumar and Kshitija Shete. Gaining Ground was born in 2004—our first set of clients comprised family and friends. Our objectives were, put simply, to learn, serve, and grow. This is our story.

Our Vision

To be the premier niche Investment services company in India. To put clients at the center of what we do. To help them plan well and live better.

Our Values

We bring truth, understanding, and discipline to the financial choices our clients make every day. We believe our services have to be specific and personalised. And that disciplined investing goes a long way in creating wealth. Building and sustaining mutual trust forms the core of our client relationships. In our role as Personal Finance Professionals, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of integrity, professionalism and transparency in everything we do.

Our Approach

Personal, process-oriented, sensitive, unbiased, and dynamic. Compassionate and responsible. Firmly grounded in an unwavering work ethic. Beyond conventional guidance, planning, and investment management. Towards integrated financial guidance.

Our Role

We help clients answer important life questions like Where am I today? Where do I want to go? What is the soundest way to get there?

Our experience over the past decade and a half with over 120 client families make us uniquely placed to help them embark on a life that’s well planned and lived better.

Our Journey

When Gaining Ground began, Ravi was a commerce graduate, and Kshitija had done an MBA – Finance. By 2010, we were established. We had experienced one big market cycle in 2008. It taught us a lot. We began offering comprehensive financial solutions. Our client list wasn’t just friends and family. We had grown more than twofold since inception.

In 2015, we hired our first employee – she is still with us. We added processes and structures. We continued to grow. The size of our client portfolio was now up 500 per cent from 2005. Many of our new clients came to us by way of testimonials from old and existing clients. What’s more, virtually all the clients we began within 2004 are still with us today. We are convinced this has everything to do with our life nurturing and happiness building philosophy.

Training and upskilling are continuous pursuits at Gaining Ground. In 2016, Ravi completed the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) qualification – the gold standard in the financial services profession. Then in 2018, Kshitija undertook and completed a prestigious training program from Money Quotient, USA, called Fundamentals of True Wealth Planning. Kshitija’s and Ravi’s combined skills enhance Gaining Ground’s ability to develop and execute life sensitive, client-focused solutions based on the principle that money is a tool to create a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Our objective is to get more than just a good return on investment portfolios for our clients. We want to help our clients lead more fulfilling lives. We do this by working with them to arrive at a personalised vision for life. A vision that is exciting, inspiring, and achievable. One that we use to map, conceptualise, and implement financial strategies designed around values and goals.

Today, most of our long-term clients are like family friends. Creating value for and bringing joy to our clients is the purpose of our journey. We believe in imparting level-headed guidance that delivers clarity and happiness for life.

After 16 years of existence, growth, learning, unlearning, and dedicated service, we are proud to say that we now collaborate closely with 150+ families and manage assets worth nearly 240 crores. What’s more, Ravi has an abiding passion for market watching and analysis. His views are often solicited by and published in leading business media.

The Bottom Line

As we advance, we want to be even more empathetic, build deeper relationships, enhance our structures and processes, adopt smarter technologies, and offer finely-tuned, organically personalised financial strategies for life. It is a journey we look forward to embarking on a day in and day out.