It’s truly satisfying to witness an investment portfolio reaching the impressive milestone of Rs. 10 Crore! The achievement for anyone surely holds the promise of securing a bright future for two children and a comfortable retirement. Many of us harbor dreams of fulfilling these financial goals, and understanding the journey to building a 10 crore portfolio, can provide valuable insights.

This investment journey began 18 years ago with a modest sum of Rs. 50,000, a thoughtful gift from grandparents. The proud grandfather entrusted us with the responsibility of managing and growing this investment. Over time, the grandfather’s son ( our client)  an architect, joined the journey, making lump sum investments every one or two months, gradually building a substantial portfolio.

The graphs illustrate a decade-long effort to reach the milestone of 1 crore in principal investments (depicted by the blue line). As the client’s confidence in investing grew and trust in our services deepened, funds started flowing in consistently. The spike in the green line indicates the compounding effect with a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.55% over the past 18 years. This showcases the portfolio’s resilience through market cycles, including the challenges of the 2008 crash and the 2020 turmoil.

Building a 10 crore portfolio in financial assets is not an everyday occurrence. So, what sets this journey apart? Several factors contribute to this success:

Consistent Investments: The client’s business generated non-linear cash flows, making monthly SIPs impractical. Instead, a continuous and unwavering commitment to lump sum investments, as reflected in the progression of the blue line, played a crucial role.

Trust-Based Relationship: A strong and trustworthy relationship was built over time. The client recognized the challenges of tracking markets and, being occupied with a demanding profession, chose to delegate the responsibility to us. This trust was a cornerstone of the successful journey.

Grit and Free Hand: A professional himself, he believed in the expertise of another professional, contributing to the success of investing success.

Belief in the Process: The key takeaway is that anyone can achieve this feat by consistently staying invested and having faith in the investment process. The journey emphasizes the significance of commitment and trust in the process.

Are you prepared to let your money compound for the next 15-20 years? Welcome aboard, as the road to a 10 crore portfolio beckons those who are committed, consistent, and have confidence in the process.

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