Franklin India Balanced Advantage Fund –  A good hybrid fund in the current market conditions

Franklin India Balanced Advantage Fund

What is a Balanced Advantage Fund? Balanced Advantage Fund, also known as Dynamic Asset Allocation Fund, is designed to provide investors with the benefits of both equity and debt investments while minimizing downside risks. These funds follow a flexible allocation strategy that aims to capitalize on market opportunities and cushion against market volatility. How does […]

Franklin India Technology Fund: Changing tech with changing times!

Franklin India Technology Fund

In our fund pick, let us understand the potential benefits of investing with the Franklin India Technology Fund and Explore the dynamic world of technology progress that is happening in India, where innovation meets opportunity.  Why is it the right time to invest in the technology sector? Many Indian businesses are adopting new technologies like […]

Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund

Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund

Today, in our fund pick, we’ll explore the Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund, delving into the immense potential within India’s healthcare industry. Healthcare as a theme has tremendous growth potential and includes businesses in diagnostics, hospitals, medical equipment, specialty chemicals, insurance, and other allied sub-sectors. Investment in healthcare-themed funds allows investors to p

Fund Pick: Franklin India Opportunities Fund

Franklin India Opportunities Fund

‘Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.’ – Warren Buffett. With the Franklin India Opportunities Fund, let’s explore how the strategic insights meet India’s dynamic markets, paving the way for enduring financial growth. What is the India Opportunity Fund? A fund that seeks Opportunities in “special situations” that [&


Mirae Asset Great Consumer Fund

Indian equity markets have been on a remarkable ascent, reaching an all-time high of 19,000, despite facing headwinds such as US rate hikes and global inflationary pressures. There is a broader market participation with Industrials (manufacturing and infrastructure sectors) doing significantly better than other sectors. What next? We think the consumption story is also beginning […]