Gaining Ground Investment Services Pvt. Ltd. is an AMFI registered mutual fund distributor (ARN:107741)

Date of Initial Registration: 21-Dec-2015

Current validity of ARN: 23-Dec-2024

We suggest investment schemes keeping in mind the suitability profile of the client.

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Returns are not guaranteed in mutual funds. Investors are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence before making investment decisions.

As an AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor, Gaining Ground Investment Services Pvt. Ltd deals with ‘Regular’ Plans of the mutual fund schemes. When an investor subscribes to such schemes, Gaining Ground Investment Services Pvt. Ltd. is entitled to receive a commission on the same.

We suggest investment products keeping in mind suitability profile of our clients. Direct plan options are also available to investors and we offer only regular plans for which Gaining Ground Investment Services Pvt Ltd receives a commission of 0.05-0.1% in liquid funds, 0.3-0.8% in debt fund and 0.6 to 1% in equity funds directly from asset management companies on these mutual fund schemes.

Gaining Ground Investment Services is empanelled with a limited number of mutual fund companies/schemes and investors may want to consider alternate products of mutual fund companies before investing with Gaining Ground Investment Services. It is also brought to investors’ notice of the general risks and scheme-specific risks associated when investing through mutual funds. The risks that the investor might face include but are not limited to (1) Returns being subject to market risk including loss of capital on account of market volatility, force majeure events, changes in the political and economic environment, default by issuers of securities to mutual funds, bankruptcy or insolvency of issuers and potential segregation of portfolio by AMC in such circumstances. (2) Suspension of redemption facility in case the scheme faces a liquidity crisis. (3) Risks associated with the subscription to a new fund offering of the scheme such as price volatility risk, liquidity risk and delisting risk. (4) Winding up of schemes on account of illiquid instruments, higher volume of redemption requests from the investors or on account of unforeseen market events.

If you have any complaints, please write to

Each mutual fund scheme has its own set of risks associated with them. We suggest you to go through the respective schemes offer documents that are provided on their respective websites.