Plant lovers know that growth is not always visible. Plants with strong roots grow better. Roots are an example of invisible growth. You will also find examples of this kind of growth in other walks of life.

Learning a language includes periods of invisible learning. Diet and exercise deliver benefits that are gradual and not always evident. Lessons on communication skills demonstrate results after periods of quiet improvement. Education, learning a skill, building wealth, and the like are all process-driven. In each of these cases, the growth is not always apparent.

To become a good communicator, I joined Toastmasters last year. Taking some roles and speaking impromptu was daunting initially. But I continued to work on different aspects of communication. Today I am a much better communicator than when I began this journey.

I joined a running group two months back to improve my fitness levels. During the first week, our daily workout was to walk a few kilometres. Every week, the walking target increased. We moved from walking to jogging. I still can’t run a kilometre without stopping, but the fact that I can walk 5 km straight in two months is growth that has accrued unconsciously.

When it comes to investing, new investors will be anxious. They start with baby steps. They experience ups and downs. They ask questions..They worry. We guide them. We reassure them. We stand by them. Over time, they grow as investors, as do their investments. This growth journey is not always visible, but it is certain.

When the market falls, you add stocks of fundamentally sound companies with good long-term growth prospects. This is an example of creating growth that’s not immediately visible. Once the market goes up, as it invariably will in the long term, the investments you made during the downtown in good companies start going up. In other words, tactical investments made during difficult times is a form of growth that’s not visible. 

Similarly, as you invest monthly, you know growth is never linear and visible. It takes years to average out volatility. Like a plant, you need to create strong roots (i.e., a robust portfolio). And this delivers long-term growth based on a process of continuous and at times, not-so-obvious growth.

In investing or anything else, staying put and being there delivers visible results over time. Being conscious of invisible forces with good intentions is the key to reaching your destinations and achieving success.

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