Towards the end of Women’s Day Week, let’s ensure we don’t forget the significance of Women’s Day. And so, ladies, please keep in mind these important financial tips we’ve dug up especially for you.

Which brings us to the important point of why so many women delegate their financial security to a spouse or significant other and allow divorce or death to plunge them into poverty.

In our experience, we have seen a direct correlation between a woman’s personality characteristics and her financial habits. Assertiveness, openness to change, and an optimistic outlook are the qualities that lead to smart financial choices.

Problems with money are manifestations of problems in our life and relationships. Work on the money issues and many of the other problems will take care of themselves; or, work on the other problems and the money problems will take care of themselves.

For many people, money is an emotionally charged issue. At times, it represents power. Or love. Or control, especially in relationships. Our beliefs about money and our emotional attachments to it strongly influence the way we spend and handle money.

If you aren’t where you should be financially, examine what drives you emotionally when it comes to money and try to figure out the psychological stumbling blocks that keep you from becoming financially independent.

Here are some simple tips to help you manage your money better and become a more empowered woman.

  1. Take control of finance and spearhead the journey of financial peace , just don’t rely on someone else, like a husband or father, for your financial security.
  2. Set goals – it’s key to financial success.
  3. Don’t use money to make yourself feel good. That type of high is fleeting. Instead, do things that promote self-respect and creativity so you don’t have to seek those feelings through spending money.
  4. Spend less than you earn. Yes, it’s that simple.
  5. Get an education. People with college degrees make on average significantly more money than those without.
  6. Build an emergency fund. Without one, losing your job or incurring a large unexpected bill could put you into a financial hole that will be difficult if not impossible to dig your way out of.
  7. Be involved in the day-to-day management of your family’s finances, and make it a point to talk about money with your spouse.

The bottom line is you need to control money and not let it control you. Fact of the matter is It’s easier than you think. Talk to us and you’ll discover what we mean.

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