For several reasons, I have been thinking about Professionals. Today, I am going to share a few instructive stories about my experiences with three consummate Professionals. But first, let’s define what or who is a Professional.

Simply put, a professional is a person who is an expert at the service they render and is qualified to practice it. According to, “The term professional refers to anyone who earns their living from performing an activity that requires a certain level of education, skill, or training”.

Why the need for a Professional? Having or hiring the right Professional for various needs has the power to change how we lead our lives. The right Professional can make our journey more fulfilling and happy.

How a Professional can help: This year, in January, we met a Holistic Nutritionist. We consulted her for a few severe and sticky health challenges we were facing. None of the medications we had tried had helped, which is when (and why) we decided to contact a Holistic Nutritionist. How did it go?

For starters, she looked at the root cause of the problem. Then she focused on the diet, improving the gut function, and developing the body condition to create an environment for it to heal itself.

Did it help? Indeed, it did. By following the recommended diet and practising things that we weren’t earlier, we achieved several positive outcomes and improved health. This is only one example of how a Professional changed our lives for the better.

The second Professional we met was our Architect in connection with our proposed office space and particular renovations at home. He was able to analyse the challenges and offer solutions that never crossed our minds. This is because he was the Professional and knew his craft better than we would ever be able to. Only a Professional can bring this level of depth, breadth, and expertise.

The third Professional story I would like to share is that of our interactions with a Dentist. My Father needed one for a range of dental matters of varying complexity. The insights she offered about digestion, eating habits, chewing mechanisms, and the like opened my eyes to dental issues in ways I never considered. This was proof, once again, that it required a Professional to help me see things more clearly and arrive at a sustainable solution.

These short stories reinforce the importance of seeking the right professional help.

If someone comes to us for seeking help in investing funds, as professionals, we make it a point to go beyond simply suggesting a bunch of schemes to invest in. We strive to understand their values, ambitions, goals (long term and short term), and the various factors that affect their lives. For us, the process of discovery is more critical than pushing our clients to invest quickly.  In short, we leave no stone unturned to examine their drives and use a range of tools to devise robust, innovative, and professional ways to help them plan well and live better.

The bottom line: Life has taught me, time and again, that when you are dealing with any problem or situation, it pays to seek professional help. The practices, skills, qualifications, and values that the right Professional can bring to the table go a long way in delivering apt solutions and, more importantly, peace of mind. Rest assured.

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