Learn well from the past and you will be blessed with a happy future, it is said. And it makes sense. So, quickly, here’s what we can learn from the year 2014 to make 2015 a happier year.

For one, 2014 was a good year for investments. The elections delivered a clear mandate. The Equity markets did well. BSE sensex alone gave return of close to 30%. The monsoon didn’t fail. As a result, people who invested in India in more ways than one were rewarded in more ways than one.

If you are waiting to invest in India, you need an advisor to help you make the right decisions. There are many things that happened in 2014 that you need to consider before taking the plunge, which is why it makes sense to invest a little time, first, with your financial advisor.

The holidays were a time to be with loved ones and deepen the love that holds families together. Now, strengthen that bond.

Make it your new year resolution to spend 45 minutes with a good financial advisor. Yes, that’s all it takes to get you started on a sound financial plan that you and your family can count on for life. Go on, it’s such an easy resolution to keep.

And finally, some good news: Put simply, our study of year 2014 (https://www.ggindia.com/whats-in-store-for-2014/) has taught us that year 2015 is going to be more of year 2014. And more. In other words, 2015 is a good year to invest in India and gain ground.

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