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Let’s begin by stating the obvious: You earn when you work. But can you earn money all the time without having to work all the time? Truth be told, you can. There is a way to earn more by being better organised, instead of working more and all the time. As a matter of fact, one of our clients has done exactly that. This is the story of how they got to 1 crore without working one bit more.

Our esteemed client of Mr. Keshav and his wife Mrs. Rama (name changed for privacy purposes) are a wonderful and well-to-do couple in high-paying jobs. They were making Rs.4 million per year together when we first met them in 2012. They also had half a crore lying scattered in a number of investments. Put simply, they had a lot of money, wanted to do more with it, but weren’t sure how to.

This made sense to us.

We have often seen clients invest money in all sorts of thing without having a very good reason for doing so, apart from the need to make some sort of investment in something that will appreciate. The case here was quite similar.

And so, based on our experiences, we came up with a proper plan for them, after understanding the different aspects of their earnings, needs, personality and appropriate investment avenues.

For starters, we put the cash they had in hand into liquid funds that earn 10-12% tax free. Next, we took a close look at their ULIPS, closed the unwanted ones and reinvested the proceeds into monthly investment plans with a long term vision.

As a result of the aforementioned steps and a few more, every penny the couple makes is now mapped to their goals and working harder for them than they have to work to make it.

Organize your life around your dreams and watch them come true, they say.

Put simply, from the time they have started working with us, this client’s investments have almost doubled (in 3 years) and the portfolio has delivered 37% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). Enough said. We’ll let the numbers do the rest of the talking.

1 crore

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