As a mother of two kids – an 18-year girl and a boy of 10 years old – I am delighted to write this blog on how best to invest in your child’s future. This journey means the world to me. And the tips I’m about to share with you are very personal. They come from a place of lived experience. I hope you find them helpful. 

My tryst with parenting, reading about it, and upbringing journey has taught me do’s n don’ts. Apart from setting aside funds for kids, we as a parent can Gift them a Wholesome life, the seeds of which get sowed as they grow up.

First thing First – Investing Money for Kid’s Future. Start as early as possible, with whatever money possible. Keep investment Flexible like Mutual Funds, Fixed deposits, etc. Children’s insurance policies are a costly option. Much before investment option – arrive at the Goal of How much you need for your child and in what period. The investment avenues get to build around that depending on the amount you have and the Risks you can take.

Second, teaching-facilitating- an instrument/music/dance/art is essential for their overall development. Our education system concentrates on left brain development, and we need to enhance right brain development with the right exposure to any finer learning like this as per their liking.

The third thing is, we all know, reading with them to build good reader and learner. Reading is a habit; unless we sit and read, they will not. Now days Specially curated children’s book gets delivered to home easily.

The fourth thing is Sports/outdoor activity. We all know this, huh? Nothing new I am writing. It takes time to know a child’s interest; do we put effort into that? Do we provide a conducive environment and allowing to falter in the choice of the sport they make and eventually change to find their liking? I have faced this challenge with finding the right sport or musical instrument to learn.

The fifth and last thing I highly recommend is – Know yourself and your child by investing in the ‘Parent Effectiveness training’– PET Course. Check out the book here. .  I suggest young parents enroll in the course. We are never trained to be parents, and we are supposed to learn on the go. The challenges parenting pose is remarkable and unique to our situation. Unless we work on self and situation -child-parent relations can transition to an undesired spectrum.

We want our bundle of Joy – to shine and glean as an adult. Investing in a child goes a long way, just like we always suggest for money. Investments for long-term compounds and grows better.

The bottom line: Every investment needs planning and a budget. So plan well to invest judiciously in your child holistically. Unless you diversify their interest and invest wisely in them, expecting well-rounded, outgoing, intelligent adults isn’t easy. So Plan well to Live Better for yourself and the child.

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