Journey with a Happy Client

We are in a business of trust, and trust is the best-built step by step. We believe in nurturing relationships, one connection at a time.

Most of the time, people read about equity markets but need help figuring out how to invest in them. Going through a trusted advisor gives answers to how best one can invest and eventually figure out the purpose of investing. Mr. S completely understood the Purpose of Investing. This is his story.

Client S walked into our office 10 years back. He had recently opted for Voluntary Retirement Service (VRS) from the Indian Navy.

He began his journey with us with small investments. Gradually, he entrusted us with the responsibility of investing his VRS funds. We then aligned his investment portfolio with his risk appetite and needs.

A little later, he introduced his family members, wife (working professional), and retired father-in-law to us. The wife started monthly investments. Then the father-in-law began with a tax-saving investment.

Later, Mr. S began investing in his daughter’s name. The daughter’s graduation fees were planned meticulously by investing in short-term debt.

Today, Mr. S has slowly but surely built a considerable portfolio for his family. Little by little, the portfolio has grown to over 2 crores, and the total XIRR is 12 % plus over the 10 years. This successful investment story is built on trust, dialogue, and a personalized investment strategy.

When it comes to money, we prefer to entrust it to someone known or through a reference. Our journey with Mr. S is a shining example of belief, dialogue, and trust built gradually. He believed in us. He trusted us. He shared his life goals with us. All this helped us serve him better. Thank you, Mr. S, for trusting us and giving us a glowing review. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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