ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund has launched a new fund ‘Global Stable Equity Fund’ which is currently open for subscription. The fund is a feeder fund and is invested into the parent fund ‘Nordea Global Stable Equity Fund’. Nordea is a investment management company in Europe. Nordea manages about 200 billion Euros.

By investing in Global Stable Equity fund, one gets access to invest in different countries, different currencies and different businesses. The fund has no sector bets. The fund does not invest in cheap stocks because cheap stocks can be cheap for some reason which an investor will not like. The fund has its own criteria to invest in stocks based on liquidity, valuation and stability.

Low price volatility, Stable earnings, good dividends is what the fund looks into before investing in companies.
The holdings are typically from 0.5% to 3% for each stock. This scheme was launched by Nordea in 2006 and has outperformed against its benchmark.

If one believes uncertainity is here to stay and wants to participate in stable growth pockets of outside home country, one can consider this fund. The fund currently has 55% exposure to US markets. Followed by Japanese equities, UK Equities, France, Switzerland, Canada etc. The fund has high weightage in world pharma, Info Tech and consumer staples. Top holdings are Microsoft, KDDI, Aflac, Novartis, Wal-mart, Chevron, Johnson & Johnson.
If one is looking to diversify the portfolio and is currently looking for stable equities, this is a good fund to invest.

After all, some of the best businesses which operate globally are not listed in India and through this fund one can participate in the global businesses.

The fund is open now and closing on 10th Sep 2013.

To invest, please download the form here: .

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