Financial dietician

Are you intrigued by the topic?

Does a dietician relate to finance?

Let me take you to the story first.

Last month my father was admitted to the hospital for breathing issues and a chronic lung problem. After rushing to the emergency, Pulmonologist told me it was not because of the Lungs but the Heart issue.

So, I used to have sessions with doctors and vacillate between their opinions. Each one was giving me their standalone input and how better they would treat him.

One problem led to another, and I was failing to understand my Father’s Condition.

Finally, our Family Physician helped us in making sense of his condition. He understood the problem and prescribed a potent Protein Powder to build his strength, stamina, and immunity. Within a week, my Father started feeling much better with guided instructions and improved diet and care.

I understood many experts in every field here, but a lack of understanding is always disheartening.

Coming to your Personal Finance Diet, You always have many things to deal with, such as taxation, saving, Budgeting, stocks MF, etc., but a few questions will keep nagging you – Whether to contribute to PPF?  Should you buy another personal health coverage when an office has provided one? How much Loan is good to have? Etc, 

Then there is another set of things – How much should the Education Goal be for the child? Should you have a second house, retire early, or start a side hustle? No one can give answers to your situation. 

I am sure even you are familiar with these questions:

  1. If you buy a second home, there may be less money for education or retirement.
  2. If you prepay your loan then fewer investments you will have. So, What to do?

Do not worry because there is always a trade-off. 

But which trade-off is good for you?

How will you know how much a loan is better for you? 

You need someone who can familiarize you with your situation: one who can see your Overall finances and guide you to have sound actions which will enhance your financial well-being, as per the context.

Financial matters like health conditions cannot be addressed on a stand-alone basis. Investments, loans, or insurance are interlinked in some way or another. 

In Personal Finance, we enlighten you by understanding the Emotional correlation of preferences for situations and making all the requisites for achieving your goals.

With the dose of our ‘Protein Powder’ – you flourish, and your financial well-being compounds.

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