How do I start this? Lets see, how about this is not an article you will enjoy reading. No, bad idea. Why on the earth would you continue reading an article that cautions you against reading it ! In that case, lets try this: this is an article you will enjoy reading. Small problem, not wholly true but might make you want to stick with me. (Though, it doesn’t feel too right.)

Well, let’s just stick with this is one of those write up somebody’s got to do because there are some things in the world some people are best equipped to talk about. Like Life Insurance.

There, I have said it. I’m here to advise you Life Insurance. Something you’re probably completely convinced you don’t need. (Or even if you do, only for those little tax breaks or just to honor that insurance advisor because someone had referred or that advisor was related to you.)

Which brings me to the next question. If most people in the world consider life insurance more unnecessary than necessary, why do most people in the world still have a policy of some kind ? The answer might lie in three little words: Just In Case.

We have heard those three words being spoken almost everyday. Words used to express a feeling of ‘eventuality’ or ‘in case of unfortunate event’ that’s maddeningly hard to pin or put a finger on. Or do much about. (After all, an eventuality is not an everyday occurance, so why agonise over it. because …just in case.)

It’s the ‘Just in case‘ in life that makes painfully selfish people go out and get a policy. It’s also the ‘Just in case‘ that makes the sharper sorts see the multiple benefits a policy offers them. (Tax breaks being just one of them.) And it’s the very same ‘Just in case’ that made me write this note on our blog.

Speaking of which, Just in case you have wondered what is it about this animal called ‘Life Insurance’ that people hate so much and yet, take to in droves ? Or why people even bother to listen to advise on how you should go about planning for your death? Or , put simply, do you really need life insurance? Or…never mind..

Point is, today an online term insurance policy has become much much affordable and easy to buy.For instance, the premium for 50 Lacs coverage will just cost Rs.11,405 annually for a 34 year person.

To arrive at the insurance coverage, we could help you so that you don’t necessarily keep thinking if it’s sufficient coverage or not.

Even though, like everybody else who’s got it, you too, probably, can do without it. But just in case..we can be contacted at or 9845093554.

PS: I could have inundated here with data on the number of people in this world who have gone for life insurance. Or a benefit-by-benefit rundown of all the good things you will get once you have opted for life insurance. Or forget it, why ruin the article with what is best left to the ‘commercial speak’ of brochures.

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