Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund

Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund

Today, in our fund pick, we’ll explore the Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund, delving into the immense potential within India’s healthcare industry. Healthcare as a theme has tremendous growth potential and includes businesses in diagnostics, hospitals, medical equipment, specialty chemicals, insurance, and other allied sub-sectors. Investment in healthcare-themed funds allows investors to p

The Path to a 10Cr portfolio?

It’s truly satisfying to witness an investment portfolio reaching the impressive milestone of Rs. 10 Crore! The achievement for anyone surely holds the promise of securing a bright future for two children and a comfortable retirement. Many of us harbor dreams of fulfilling these financial goals, and understanding the journey to building a 10 crore […]

How sensitized are you about the Retirement Funds requirement?

Introduction Have you ever considered how much you’ll need for a comfortable retirement? It’s a question that often catches people off guard, as I discovered in two recent conversations that shed light on the surprising lack of awareness among well-educated individuals regarding the necessary retirement corpus. In this blog, we’ll delve into the real stories […]

Fund Pick: Franklin India Opportunities Fund

Franklin India Opportunities Fund

‘Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble.’ – Warren Buffett. With the Franklin India Opportunities Fund, let’s explore how the strategic insights meet India’s dynamic markets, paving the way for enduring financial growth. What is the India Opportunity Fund? A fund that seeks Opportunities in “special situations” that [&